Preventative products from Lice Clinics of America can help reduce the odds of contracting head lice!

Let’s Prevent!

For any of you that have read my past blogs you know the reason I got into this business is because of our battle with lice and summer camp. Every year my twins get the amazing experience of two weeks on the Texas coast surfing and sailing. That’s great right….. Well every year they came back with head lice. That I fought for weeks on end! We all know the routine, over the counter pesticides, hours of combing and the inevitable trip to the pediatrician. Here is the problem…..

Summer camps are often in remote locations and have limited access to medical resources. About 30 percent were said to have “no nit” policies, meaning that if a camper has head lice, he or she will be sent home.

According to the American Camp Association (ACA), “Every year, one of the most common calls to the ACA Camp Crisis Hotline comes from camps who have questions about lice. Either they have detected head lice on a camper’s or staffer’s head, or they are preparing for an infestation.

In a 2016 study, researchers from the University of Michigan Mott Children’s Hospital tracked lice infestations in more than 500 summer camps over a three-year period and followed up with a questionnaire to camp leaders. Some 69 percent of camp leaders surveyed said lice were a significant challenge faced by camp staff and parents.

Why are lice common at camps? Well, for the same reason head lice are common wherever young people gather. It’s an opportunity for head-to-head contact and lots of sharing of clothes, brushes, combs, and the like—the primary ways head lice spread.

How to Prevent Lice at Summer Camp?

New preventative products can help you reduce the odds that your child will contract head lice at camp. Lice Clinics of America, the company that has introduced the breakthrough AirAllé medical device, offers preventative sprays, conditioners, and shampoos formulated to deter head lice. The preventative hair products contain scents that smell perfectly fine to humans but irritate a louse’s olfactory senses (and thus repel the lice).

Many camps contract with Lice Clinics of America to screen and treat campers with the FDA-cleared AirAllé device (which uses warm air to dehydrate and kill live lice and eggs). Bring your child in before camp, let our trained technicians give you the peace of mind that your child is clear.

Having head lice doesn't have to be stressful; it's not your fault!

It’s Not Your Fault.

One of the worst parts of head lice is having to reach out to other parents to tell them their children may have been exposed by your child.  The social stigma attached to lice is significant and stressful.  The best way to stop lice from spreading is by letting other parents know about it. Remember, telling them will protect their child and others around them.

Keep reminding yourself, “It’s not your fault!” Poor hygiene and subpar living conditions are not the culprits. Lice is as easy to catch as the common cold.  No amount of hair washing will stop a live louse from crawling onto your child’s head. Lice outbreaks are totally unrelated to hygiene.  In fact, they love clean hair and scalp. Lice are spread from head to head by direct contact.  Everyone loves a good group selfie! Lice don’t fly, jump or live on your furry family members.

As a parent, I have had to make this phone call more than a few times. Knowing that better treatment options are out there has eased the embarrassment over the years (along with a glass of wine or two).  So spread the word.  Lice Clinics of America-McKinney TX is here to help.  After one appointment (because we all have so much free time) you and your family are lice free! Just remember: it’s not your fault.  The head lice is the enemy here and we have found a way to defeat them.

Cleaning your home after head lice isn’t complex.

Can Anyone Guess?

Can anyone guess what the #1 question is that I get after treating a family for head lice? It’s what do I do about cleaning my house. As much as you may want to, DO NOT call an exterminator, replace everything you own, or burn the house down.

Here is your check list:

Laundry- Everything that can go in the dryer should (excluding your children and pets please). The reason the AirAlle treatment is so effective is the heated air. The dryer will work the same way for those sheets, pillows, small stuffed animals, etc.

Vacuum- Carpets, rugs, cloth sofas and chairs. If you can’t vacuum, a good lint rolling will do the trick for things like car seats and child safety seats. Lice have claws not sticky feet.  They can crawl very quickly but cannot go very far.

Freeze/Bag- Do not boil anything or put it in the dishwasher. It will not kill the lice! Hair brushes, ties, helmets and hats are fine in the freezer for 48 hrs. Oversized items like large stuffed animals or pillows can go into a trash bag and be set aside for a few days.

Just remember lice infestation doesn’t happen in your home. It’s on you head. Having head lice is stressful enough. The thought of having to deep clean is just as stressful. Follow these steps and you’ll be all set!

Typical OTC lice treatments are only 25% effective.

How many times do I have to put this junk on my kids’ head?

As a mother of twins, I have had to deal with lice more times then I’d like to admit. We all know the smelly over the counter products, and the hours and hours of combing, only to have it reappear 2 weeks later. Oh, and let’s not forget the super fun part of washing everything you own.

So yes, I am a Rid and Nix refugee. That all worked great in the 80’s, but after reading countless articles about super lice, I find out this stuff is only about 25% effective.  At this point, I did what every mom of my generation does. I googled it! What I found was a company called Lice Clinics of America that has a machine called the AirAlle. I called, made an appointment and boom!  No more lice. Not only did they get rid of the lice, they also explained how to keep my kids from getting it again.

So what’s next for me?  I need to own one of these machines.  I start making calls and guess what? Not only can I own the machine, I can actually own a clinic where the treatments are done. That brings us to now. I am the proud owner of a Lice Clinics of America clinic in Mckinney Tx.

I feel the need to share this information, not only as a business owner but also as a mother. I want everyone out there to know that “ I GET IT”! I get the embarrassment, the frustration, the stigma, the time, and let’s not forget the money. So I am here to tell you. We have the cure for head lice. One treatment. One time. Once and for all.