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Lice Clinics of America in McKinney Expands “Schools Without Lice” Program

Local Entrepreneur Gives Back to Community

Like many female entrepreneurs, Amanda Westerman wears many hats: Mother. Wife. Local business owner. What sets her apart is the type of business she runs–an urgent-care, head-lice-treatment clinic in McKinney, one of 265 clinics in the Lice Clinics of America network.

As a mother of 15-year-old twins, Westerman battled lice infestations many times in her home before getting into the business. Now she uses her empathy and expertise to take care of other families by treating their infestations in a clinic that specializes in lice treatment.

In addition to helping families, Westerman supports schools in her community through the Schools Without Lice national program which offers free “lice education” resources and free lice treatments to educators and school nurses. During COVID-19, she has doubled down on that support by expanding the Schools Without Lice program to include discounts for students and their families.

“I had a school nurse from Tom Bean, Texas call me a bit ago,” says Westerman, who also owns lice clinics in two other cities. “She had an 8-year-old student who’s been dealing with head lice. The girl’s mom is disabled and couldn’t drive her around for appointments or to search out a lice treatment. The school nurse asked, ‘what can you do?’ Well, I’ll tell you what I did. I had the student brought into our McKinney clinic and we treated her for free. We also sent them home with a kit for her mom to treat herself. The school nurse said ‘you’re a godsend! We’ve reached out to so many companies and no one else could or would help.’ So I was very happy that we were able to finally get this girl some help.”

To spread the word about the expanded program, Westerman is promoting the Schools Without Lice “Free For All” Giveaway where 25 schools in the McKinney, Texas area will win free lice treatments for staff and students. To be eligible for the giveaway, schools simply need to sign up at

All McKinney schools that enter the “Free For All” Giveaway will receive the following: 1) Free head-lice screenings for staff and students, 2) Free remote screenings for school groups and camps, 3) Free head-lice treatments for school staff, 4) A 15-percent discount on lice treatments and products for students during the remaining school year, 5) Free lice-education materials and onsite or remote education training, and 6) New lice support for parents with schoolchildren at home.

Lice Clinics of America – McKinney is located at 3120 Hudson Crossing, Suite A2, McKinney, TX 75070 and is open 7 days a week by appointment. Call 972-954-2334 or visit for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Lice Clinics of America–McKinney Reports Lice Activity Increase During Pandemic

With Families Isolating at Home, Lice Infestations Are Intense

McKinney, TX – July 29, 2020 – Lice Clinics of America–McKinney, part of the 200 clinic Lice Clinics of America (LCA) network, reported their clinic saw an increase in lice treatments of 15 percent from April to May of this year, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Infestations of lice affecting entire families have been more severe during the pandemic, likely due to the fact that families have isolated at home together.

“We started noticing that instead of seeing a family of four with two members with lice,” says Amanda Westerman, owner of the McKinney clinic, “the whole family had lice and a heavy infestation. Home methods simply do not work.”

In order to ensure the safety of staff and clients, McKinney implemented a ‘one family at a time’ policy, along with pre-screening clients over the phone and making sure each staff member was properly equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE). “We’re making sure to disinfect between each family,” says Westerman. “We also take staff temperatures each morning.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “Head-to-head contact with an already infested person is the most common way to get head lice. Head-to-head contact is common during play at school, at home and elsewhere, such as sports activities, the playground, slumber parties, and camps.” The CDC estimates 6-12 million infestations occur each year in the U.S. among children 3-11 years of age.

Dr. Krista Lauer, Medical Director of LCA states, “If you have children who are elementary and middle-school ages, it’s important to take some immediate steps to either prevent your children from being infested or to properly treat and kill the lice before they spread to others in your family and social group.”

Dr. Lauer says, “First, don’t panic, and second, don’t be embarrassed. A head lice infestation has nothing to do with personal hygiene, or the cleanliness of your environment. In fact, with recent shelter-in-place orders, head lice infestations more easily spread to everyone in the household due to close proximity.”

She recommends the following to make sure lice aren’t living in your child’s hair:

  1. Inspect your own head and your child’s, especially if your child has an itchy scalp. Look for eggs, nymphs and adult lice. One adult louse can lay about a hundred eggs during her life span. That’s a lot of new lice.
  2. Call the parents of your child’s friends and have them check for head lice, remembering that earlier intervention can help to reduce the infestation level. With shelter-in-place orders being lifted, kids are playing together again, and summer camps are in session.
  3. If you see lice—or if you are unsure whether you have lice—visit a professional lice treatment center such as LCA for a screening.
  4. Traditional over-the-counter treatments contain pesticides that are ineffective. Lice have evolved into “super lice” and have developed resistance to those pesticides. Find a treatment that is safe and effective. LCA has several options to choose from.

Lice Clinics of America (LCA) is the world’s number-one service brand for treating head lice. The company’s revolutionary heated-air treatment is guaranteed to kill lice, lice eggs and super lice in a single, one-hour treatment. LCA offers professional lice screenings and a full line of top-rated lice treatment and prevention products including professional solutions for parents with children at home.

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