We stand behind our effective lice removal with AirAlle

We perform the following three steps to ensure we provide the most effective and accurate course of action for head lice treatment based on individual conditions.


Lice Removal Services Completed at Our Lice Treatment Center

The clinicians at our Lice Clinics of America lice treatment center will carefully inspect the hair and scalp. Because lice spreads very quickly through a family, it is imperative that everyone in the house is checked when there is a confirmed case of head lice.

$20 per person


A trained lice-removal technician determining extent of lice infestation

Once screened at our McKinney lice removal clinic, your clinician will provide you with a thorough diagnosis of your lice infestation and areas affected.


The AirAllé Treatment being performed

Depending on your infestation level and your budget considerations, we will determine the best lice removal treatment option for you. Our goal is to ensure your family is lice free after receiving our professional lice removal services.