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Staying Six Feet Apart Helps Prevent Not Just Sickness, But Head Lice Too

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention currently advise Americans that individuals who are not from the same household should keep a distance between each other of at least six feet. Combined with masking, this measure is highly effective in preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus. But there’s another less-known benefit that social distancing […]

The Case for Heated Air over Lice Shampoo

Recently, an article was published as a “What are they up to now?” piece on a teenage girl in England who was severely burned four years ago after using a local brand of lice shampoo. The shampoo contained a highly flammable ingredient and her hair caught fire as she walked past the stovetop, resulting in […]

Post-Halloween Head Lice

Now that Halloween has passed, be careful—your child may have taken home more than just candy.   As the year-end holiday season begins and friends and family gather together more frequently, the chance for catching head lice increases. Halloween is no exception: young children spending time together dressing up, trick-or-treating, and sharing candy creates the […]

I’ve Been in Lockdown – How did I get Lice?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, many around the world have stayed indoors to help prevent the disease’s spread. College students are participating in lectures online, adults are telecommuting from home, and their kids are in Zoom meetings and Google Hangouts for school. Yet in this unprecedented era of social distancing, lice are an epidemic that […]

Can Chicken Lice Infest Humans?

In recent years, the practice of adopting and raising backyard chickens has risen dramatically in popularity. Hatcheries nationwide have seen sharp increases in sales of baby chicks in 2020, to the tune of 500% of their previous year’s sales, as the COVID-19 pandemic keeps families home and motivates them to become more self-reliant.   But […]

Chemicals in Lice-Treatment Products Linked to Health Problems in Children

A study in Occupational and Environmental Medicine reports what many have feared for decades—that “exposure to certain pyrethroids, at environmental levels, may negatively affect neurobehavioral development by six years of age.” Pyrethroids are a class of chemicals used in insecticides, including the most popular head-lice medications.   For the study, the researchers measured levels of five pyrethroid […]

Why You Need A Lice Comb

When it comes to tackling a case of head lice, one recommendation you’ll find over and over by lice experts is to do combing. Combing can serve as both a confirmation of whether someone has head lice, as well as a way to treat an infestation by physically removing the bugs and nits.   “If […]

The Head Lice Life Cycle

If you have an infestation of head lice in your household, it can feel impossible to get rid of it. Most “natural” home remedies, prescription treatments, and over-the-counter products are ineffective and will simply prolong your frustration. In order to learn how lice spread and how to get rid of them, you’ll need to understand […]

Why Over-the-Counter Head Lice Products Won’t Work

When a child has head lice, many parents go into panic mode and will do almost anything to get rid of the lice as quickly as possible. After grabbing the first lice treatment they see at the drugstore, they race home to put a stop to the head lice infesting their child. Sadly, weeks later […]