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How to Identify Head Lice

“One of the biggest reasons that head lice spread among children is silence,” Amanda Westerman, owner of Lice Clinics of America in McKinney explains. “Parents don’t talk about it, and they are unprepared when they discover their child has head lice, and often waste a lot of time and money on products or methods that […]


Traditionally there have been three options when it comes to head lice treatment: drugstore DIY lice products; nit-picking, or home remedies recommended by other parents. There are challenges with all three of these lice treatments. First, many drugstore head lice products use pyrethroids to kill live lice which is a class of pesticides. Head lice […]

Have Heard About Our Protection Plan?

When you get sick, you go to a doctor. When you have lice, you (should) go to a Lice Clinics of America clinic. With doctors, you have insurance. Now, with Lice Clinics of America – McKinney, you have our Lice Protection Plan. We’re so excited to announce this new plan in place for our customers, […]