Can Anyone Guess?

Can anyone guess what the #1 question is that I get after treating a family for head lice? It’s what do I do about cleaning my house. As much as you may want to, DO NOT call an exterminator, replace everything you own, or burn the house down.

Here is your check list:

Laundry- Everything that can go in the dryer should (excluding your children and pets please). The reason the AirAlle treatment is so effective is the heated air. The dryer will work the same way for those sheets, pillows, small stuffed animals, etc.

Vacuum- Carpets, rugs, cloth sofas and chairs. If you can’t vacuum, a good lint rolling will do the trick for things like car seats and child safety seats. Lice have claws not sticky feet.  They can crawl very quickly but cannot go very far.

Freeze/Bag- Do not boil anything or put it in the dishwasher. It will not kill the lice! Hair brushes, ties, helmets and hats are fine in the freezer for 48 hrs. Oversized items like large stuffed animals or pillows can go into a trash bag and be set aside for a few days.

Just remember lice infestation doesn’t happen in your home. It’s on you head. Having head lice is stressful enough. The thought of having to deep clean is just as stressful. Follow these steps and you’ll be all set!